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July 14, 2008
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The Lek by depthskins The Lek by depthskins
Client: The

Description: The Lek is a social networking website that's slightly different from the usual. It focuses more on where you dwell and how you can hook up with people in your local area. So yes, it's like a dating site + social networking, however you want to use it.

The owners didn't want to go with the usual white nor did they want black so I used a pink a brown colour scheme which is an unpopular colour scheme now becomming popular. I'm happy to know I did this a year and a half ago (way before some notable designers decided to take this mainstream).

The downside with this is that I never wrote a style guide for the site (was never requested but I should have insisted). As a result, the developers messed the design up. So I don't feel it's a complete representation of what I did.
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pcholewa Mar 27, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
This is strong:)
:wave: Hi there!
This wonderful image has been featured in my weekly news article:Digital Friday Faves- 19th Edition :D
Have a wonderful weekend!
I personally like the color scheme, it's not bright, but enjoyable to look at. Not cluttered, but still presents a lot of information. My only critique is the header. It almost seems like.... you were trying to take up space. It seems to make me look at that to much. Just to know, what screen resolution were you at when building this? I'm currently on 1024x768 on a public computer and it's huge. That's all I've got to say, other then that. It's nice.
xlPassolx Jul 15, 2008
Well done!
this is very nice and clean. how long does it take you to design a site like this?
It's so clean and elegant and the color combination is stunning
Wow cool man :D
TwoDecks Jul 15, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
That dashboard area looks familiar. :D
Sweet color scheme.
Nice Design man...
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