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April 20, 2006
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aSmarterHost by depthskins aSmarterHost by depthskins
This was a pretty intense design. Took me 8hours to finish it over a 2day period mainly because I sad and did what the client wanted, back and forth. It was stressful. I had liked my concept at first but the client made a lot of suggestions that gave the end product. We're both satisfied but I think mine would have been kick ass if I had finished it.

..or maybe not. lol

All comments welcomed.
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elusive Featured By Owner May 17, 2006
Very smooth and clean, looks really nice. The colours really go well together. Great work.
depthskins Featured By Owner May 17, 2006
thanks :)
pannpann Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2006   Interface Designer
Really nice ^^

I won't mention everything that's great about it, but I'll give you some tips on what I think you could've done better.
-First of all, I think you need more colors. Sure, you have some squares and details with colors, and it does a lot to the design, but it still has a bit of that boring gray-feeling to it. What you need are colors in more basic elements, such as the header, background, navigation or any graphic that you see a lot while browsing the site. Create a color scheme, and try to follow it. Another problem with only having colors in the page design is that you'll have to design all the other pages with us much or more graphics as the start page. (And what was your client thinking when they wanted to take away the few colors that you had put in there? There were nothing wrong with them - at all! If they suggest or say something that you know will look bad, you have to tell them, and tell them why. It's always worth a try. After all, you're the designer.)
- The second thing I don't like is the typeface you've choosed for the navigation. It just looks unprofessional. Or maybe, it's an OK font - except for the letter "e". It ruins everyting.
- If you have a slogan ("Professional. Reliable. Friendly"), make sure it's visible! I just spotted it, after looking at the site for several minutes. Don't place it in a corner, and make more use of contrast/colors.
- I really like that you've worked with a logo (Okay, I just read below that you put it in there for demo purpose, but whatever. It's always nice with logos :)). However, its color doesn't match the rest of the blue in the site. It's a bit too dark. It would also be nice if the ""-part of the logo would be set in the same color as the logo. Or the other way around.
- You screwed up the reflection of the servers ;P Yeah I know, it's only a detail, but I think you could've put more effort to it than just flipping the layer and adding a layer mask.

Think that's about it :)
Great job!
depthskins Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2006
As usual, the best comments I ever recieve. I have to take more time and start giving critiques like that.
Anyways, let me explain a few things...

1. Colour - Yes, I loved my colours, I wanted them to stay and I told the client that he should have kept the colours but he just liked the all but. I can tell u exactly that there's too much blue and it matches with the boxes in the header so there's no empasis on the packages or on the boxes in the header. This I know that's why my first draft had colours. Not only to emphasize but to give the monochormatic design an accent. I did my best to advise the client and this as best as I could have gotten it for him and me.

2. Navigation - you may be right but I wanted a font that's somewhat different and I haven't used before and this seems to be a good choice. Maybe I didn't look enough. Good point about the 'e' though. It looks more like a symbol rather than a letter.

3. Slogan - Good point about the slogan. I'll try to center it or place it in a more attracting manner.

4. Logo - This has got to go. And yes, '' is going to be the same colour as the logo or atleast the logo will be the same colour. Point is, i'll match it up.

5. Reflections - I like my reflections :P. I'll take a look at it and see what's wrong. You didn't say what's wrong exactly with it.

Overall, I'm not at liberty to make too many changes to this design because client is completely satisfied with the results. I consider this his design :). Not bad in my opinion but the design so needs those colours.

Thanks for the comment.
pannpann Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2006   Interface Designer
1. Great, then you did would you could do. Can't do more than try :)

2. Exactly my point

5. Sorry, should've explained my whining further. I'll try to illustrate the problem with text. If we flip the servers 90 degrees, they'll have the following shape: > It's made up of three points, two in the back and one in the front, so let's each point symbolize a server. If we flip it vertically (or in this case, horizontally), they will look like this: <. However, a reflection shouldn't look like >< that (the first shape symbolize the servers, the second its reflection). As the two servers in the back are behind the one in the front, their reflection should actually start earilier than the one in the front. You noticed this, but didn't really solve the problem. You just placed the reflection so that the one's in the back started where it should, but the problem remains, as the reflection of the server in the front still starts earilier, it's just that we can't see it. So now, the reflection of the server in the front will begin in the middle of it. Weird huh? You want it to look like: >> that (in points of where each reflection starts). And when they're placed in such a weird angle as they are in your pic, you'll find even more problems, like that the server "turns" in the wrong direction (look carefully at the two servers in the middle in the pic with all six).

Hope that made some kind of sense :)
depthskins Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2006
a bit hard to understand but I think i get it. I'm not sure but looking at it closely. The reflection is off and I think I did noticed that but never got to fixing it. In fact, I didn't fix it because it's all one image. Well, I'll edit it.
JK89 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
I think too much gradients. Everything else nice.
depthskins Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2006
thanks for comment. Seemed that it caught your interest cuz u commented :)

Much appreciated
biwerw Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2006   Interface Designer
The overall site has a very sleek design which compliments the technology that the company appears to be marketing. Nice job.

Arent picky clients awsome??
depthskins Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2006
In the end, they really are. In the beginning it's like..."oh man, guy is annoying". But there's nothing I admire more than a person who know what they want.
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